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(EDP) Employee Development Plans | Training Magazine Middle East

Employee Development Plans (EDPs) or Personal Development Plans (PDPs) are very common tools used for workforce development, perhaps overused. However, for them to be successful and effective tools, they have to be first related to the performance results expected from the employee, second include areas of development that are interesting to the employee, and finally […]

SHIFT Workforce Development | Training Magazine Middle East

While most of us believe that learning happens in the classroom, it does NOT. In fact, classroom or instructor-led learning’s only contribution to our learning is 10%! So where does most of learning take place? Around 70% of learning takes place on-the-job and 20% of learning takes place through activities before the training. Source: SHIFT […]

Training is NOT Development | Training Magazine Middle East

There is no doubt that in today’s fast changing work environments and markets, workforce development is crucial for both organizations and employees success and survival. This is reflected in the increased budgets and spending on employee’s development and training across government, federal and private organizations in the Middle East region. However, even with higher spending, […]

How do you Learn?

The ability to understand and assimilate information or knowledge differs from person to person and there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to learning. But there are seven basic learning styles that are commonly used in professional training, schools, collages and also at a personal level: