Impact Training using Comics for Learning

What is Impact?

Impact are learning workshops designed for semi-skilled and skilled employees and based on a modern learning concept invented and developed by Learnactive team of experts. Experience learning using Comics for the first time in the world…

Comics for LearningTM

Did you ever imagine yourself the ‘Superman’ of the office, the hero who will save the day?

Comics for LearningTM is a learning concept and methodology designed by Learnactive team for adults to enhance and accelerate the learning process through the use of comic story-boards. This highly visual learning method enables learners to create powerful learning moments; identify and practice key business skills.

Customer Service

this is Customer Service

Communication Skills

this is Communication Skills

Dealing with People

this is Dealing with People

Working in Teams

this is Teamwork Training

Interested in using Comics for LearningTM to enhance and accelerate learning?

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