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Human Resources consulting solutions designed to meet your organization's needs

Human Resources (or Human Capital) ensures the organization meets its strategic and operational goals through aligning human performance, staffing, and reward strategies. An effective HR function is not only a strategic partner for the Leadership Team, but a decision-maker and a key contributor.

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Benchmark you HR practices with Learnactive’s HR Audit and identify your development areas. Our proprietary HR Audit provides a detailed to assist you in taking HR to the next level.


Develop human resources systems customized to meet your organization’s specific needs. From Job Descriptions to HR  strategy; Learnactive offers best-practice solutions to meet your needs.


Achieve your organization’s strategic objectives by aligning and optimizing your current HR  processes. Ensure your employees are equipped to succeed and deliver the results required.


Build your Employees’ capability and ensure long-term sustainability with our assistance and support during the implementation phase of you project.

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HR Systems

Human resource systems guide all aspects of operation in the organization. From human resource policies and procedures to employee handbooks, this area is the foundation for the entire HR function and we can assist in a variety of ways:


Policies and Procedures: serving the organization’s goals and objectives and aligned with legislative laws and regulations. We developed polices and procedures manuals for several organizations in the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors.


On-boarding programs: We take a holistic approach to on-boarding that incorporates several methodologies (training, buddy programs, etc.) to assist your new employees during the vital first three months of their employment.


Our HR Audit is fast, effective, and comprehensive! Taking a deep dive into your human resource function, systems, and practices; it identifies areas of development and gaps and provides a prioritized roadmap for maximizing your HR function.


Job Descriptions are the foundation of all things HR. If your job descriptions are out-dated (or non-existent!); Learnactive can develop a JD program for your organization incorporating best-practice guidelines and aligned to your specific needs.


Employee Handbooks are essential for employees to understand the organization’s policies and practices and also reduce questions and inquiries received by the HR function. We’ve developed print and electronic handbooks for companies in various sectors.


Selection Tools: the HR cycle begins with recruiting and selecting the right candidate for your organization. Learnactive can develop effective selection tolls for the various functions and levels in your organization and train your managers to improve selection.

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Compensation & Benefits

Compensation and Benefits are a significant expenditure for most organizations. In today’s globally competitive labor markets, it has become increasingly difficult for organizations to attract and retain the talent they need to perform effectively. Are your reward and recognition strategies attracting and retaining the talent you need to remain competitive?

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Job analysis
  • Salary structures
  • Grading systems
  • Reward & recognition systems

Performance Management

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Learnactive designs performance development systems that develop and promote performance-oriented cultures. Why? Because strong performance development systems is the backbone of any organization’s progress and development. Since the success of such systems relies on the people using it, we focus on designing systems aligned with organizational and functional objectives and at the same time, serve employee development and recognition needs to motivate and promote performance improvement. Our range of consulting solutions in performance management and development includes:

  • Design performance management and development systems
  • Develop balanced scorecards and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Design and implement talent management systems
  • Design and implement succession planning systems and processes aligned with the performance development philosophy
  • Align performance development system with organizational reward and recognition philosophy
  • Develop and implement competency frameworks including core, functional, job- specific and leadership competencies