Fun, interactive online learning simulations in the Middle East

Gamelearn is a leading provider in interactive eLearning solutions. Gamelearn incorporates the most advanced learning simulators in the world. It is much more real and applicable and pedagogically a thousand times better.

Gamelearn develop state of the art online training solutions for the development of professional skills such as Advanced Negotiation Skills, Personal Effectiveness and Time Management Skills.


Gamelearn is a leading provider of interactive e-learning solutions. Our international team incorporates more than 15 years of know-how into our courses, having trained thousands of employees from over a hundred of the most important companies in the world.

Gamelearn develops state of the art online training programs for the development and practice of professional skills.


We are specialists in the development of personal and professional skills.
Our 15 years of experience allow us to create e-learning products with which users not only learn applicable tools and techniques but also put them into practice.
Through the use of serious games we are able to deliver extremely interactive and engaging training products that ensure the highest completion rates.


“Merchants” is an on-line interactive course for the development and practice of negotiation and conflict resolution skills. This state of the art e-learning program will allow the users not only to learn applicable tools and strategies but to put them into practice while receiving a constant, personalized feedback.