Facilitation Skills Certificate {Accelerated Learning®}

Program Description

Accelerated learning (A.L.) is the most advanced teaching and learning method in use today. It’s a total system for speeding and enhancing both the design process and the learning processes. Based on the latest brain research, it has proven again and again to increase learning effectiveness while saving time and money in the process.

Accelerated Learning shows you not only how to easily speed and enhance learning, but how to greatly speed and enhance the design process as well. The methodology is now being used in hundreds of organizations of all kinds in North America and throughout the world with people reporting exceptional success.

Date & Time

Date(s): 19 Nov 2017 to 20 Nov 2017
Timing: All Day


Piccture of Tom Meier

Tom Meier

Tom Meier has been the co-director of the Center For Accelerated Learning in Lake Geneva Wisconsin, USA since 1992. He is currently director of the Center For Accelerated Learning in Europe, based in Isenbüttel Germany (Wolfsburg area).

Tom is the primary developer of the successful Accelerated Learning CourseBuilder design tool, which trainers use to develop training programs rapidly with AL principles. His clients include DaimlerChrysler, Intel, Lucent Technologies, Visteon, Royal Dutch Shell, and many other leading US and international companies.

Facilitation Skills Certificate {Accelerated Learning®}

Learning Objectives

  • Get more fun, satisfaction, and success out of your training.
  • Inspire learners to improve the speed, enjoyment and effectiveness of their learning.
  • Remain on the leading edge as the 21st century learning facilitator.
  • Get learners more totally engaged in their learning.
  • Convert learns from consumers of information to creators of exceptional value.

Who Should Attend

  • Training Specialists and Trainers
  • Training Supervisors
  • Training Managers
  • Leaders of Training-Related Initiatives
  • E-learning Developers
  • Educators
  • Consultants


  • Free with your registration, you’ll receive a copy of Dave Meier’s best selling book The Accelerated Learning Handbook. This is the definitive guide to accelerated learning, showing you step by step how to design and deliver more effective training programs in less time. It contains powerful case studies, background theory, and a wealth of practical ideas and methods. It’s the perfect follow-up to reinforce what you’ll learn at the workshop.
  • In addition, you’ll receive Dave’s latest book, The Presenter’s Jiffy Guide to Effective Knowledge Transfer, a must-have resource that shows you how to assure that the information you give people really sticks and results in actionable knowledge
  • Valuable materials and job aids for your continual use.
  • A copy of the Center’s Learning In Style personal learning style assessment.
  • Six months of free telephone consulting after the workshop.
  • Two conference luncheons to maximize the time for exchanging ideas and networking with other professionals.
  • A full money-back guarantee of excellence. You must be completely satisfied with this workshop and consider it an excellent investment in your personal and professional growth, or your registration fee will be returned in full.

Program Agenda

Accelerated Learning Principles

  • From Linear to Geodesic learning
  • Learning as creating knowledge
  • The 7 principles of effective learning
  • Success stories from Apple and Intel

The 21st Century & Learning

  • Brain research
  • Triune Brain
  • Social and collaborative learning

SAVI Approach

  • Somatic learning
  • Auditory learning
  • Visual learning
  • Intellectual learning

Deliver Learning to Appeal to all Learning Styles

  • Generate ideas for appealing to all learning styles
  • Create positive social, emotional, and physical learning environment

Mastering Engaging Facilitation

  • Mastering higher-level training skill without talking
  • 49 ideas to make workplace a learning place

The Accelerated Learning Guide

  • A.L. for e-learning
  • The Accelerated Learning Cycle



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