The Perfect Employee for a Small Business

Like every entrepreneur, I want good employees. No, scratch that, I want great employees. I want people that will buy-into our vision, work hard when the going gets tough, and more importantly, I want people who will stay. Finding my dream employees, however, is the proverbial search for the needle in a very large haystack.As […]

Workplace Design and Employee Engagement

When we think of employee engagement, many aspects rush to mind, such as our reward systems, workplace relationship management, performance management, career development, work and life balance and much more. One element that many companies in this region, especially small to medium size, stop at putting needed emphasis on is the workplace environment design itself. […]

Customer Service Anyone?

Focusing on your customers’ needs and providing excellent service is a powerful way to grow your organization and earn loyalty in your field of business. This takes great effort and a special understanding of what “customer service” is all about.

Interview Questions

A lot of seasoned managers focus on assessing technical competence when hiring don’t even think about assessing the critical behavioral traits like teamwork, manageability, and decision making. If you’re looking for a quick and dirty formula, here are my top ten questions to ask when interviewing someone for a managerial position in your organization. You’ll need to scale them down if you’re interviewing for a front-line position.

Strategic Human Resources

Human Resources as a strategic partner helping organizations achieve their overall objectives is generally an alien concept to many business owners and regional organizations despite the magnitude of leverage HR can provide. Human Resources remains a support function in most organizations in the Middle East region in defiance to the increasing rhetoric and focus on the value of optimizing and aligning human capital.