Our Way

How We Work

We believe international best-practice must be used as a foundation for designing culturally specific solutions capable of achieving effective results. After all, there’s no need to re-invent the wheel! But at the same time, what works in company X in country Y, may not necessarily work for you, here in the Middle East. With this in mind, we maintain our focus on implementation and application when we design solutions for our clients. Our consultants’ extensive background and understanding of the region will ensure you receive generate cost-effective, customized, and <em>practical</em> solutions to meet your needs and specific requirements.

We pride ourselves on providing our partners with the highest-quality services and solutions thus maximizing their return on investment.

We strive to build our clients’ internal capability through knowledge and skill transfer to reduce their dependence on external providers.

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We Stay on the Right Side of the Law

Learnactive does not illegally use any copyrighted material whether books, videos, web content, graphics, pictures, photos, or any other type of intellectual property. All our programs and materials are written by our consultants and are our own copyright. The hand drawings that appear on this website are custom-made for Learnactive by the Egyptian Artist Eitedal Ewiss. All other pictures and graphics are either licensed for use to Learnactive or not copyrighted. The stories of Comics of L are the intellectual property of Learnactive and are hand drawn for Learnactive by the Indian Artist Aestron Diniz.

If you are the owner of copyrighted material and you believe we have unintentionally used it in an illegal manner; please contact us so we can immediately correct the issue.

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We are Green (or try to be as Green as we can)

Learnactive is committed to the environment. We print responsibly and only when necessary. We recycle all our paper waste and only after we printed on both sides of the page. If you find using non-recycled paper and materials; then rest assured that we looked and found no other alternative! We purchase only energy-saving electrical appliances and machinery and use them responsibly to avoid undue waste.

Our Client Area helps us reduce paper waste by providing our clients with an online alternative to viewing project-related materials and documents and we continuously search for alternative, environmentally friendly materials and tools.